Mini Siam had been started to research the project in 1985, and had been constructed in 1986 with more 29 Rais which separated to be Mini Siam, and Mini Europe. For the rest area, there are the Booking Halls, the Souvenir Shops for lease, and the Parking Lots. The Democracy Monument in Bangkok was the first model to build.

               Siam is the old historic country according to the Buddhism, Arts & Cultures, Customs & Traditions have been prosperous were been recorded. They have been displayed via the architecture, and the ruins of the ancient sites that have indicated Thai monopoly, and also have presented Thai civilization from :

          •  Before the occupation of Thais

          •  Dvaravati 1.2 Srivijaya 1.3 Lop Buri

          •  After the occupation of Thais

          •  Lanna ( Shiang Saen ) 2.2 Sukhothai 2.3

          •  Ayutthaya 2.5 Thonburi 2.6 Rattanakosin

                 At present, Thai ancient sites and the antiquenesses still remain for representing Thai Independent. All of them mentioned above shall decadent when the time pass by; moreover, it also spends much money, and wastes many times to travel to, because they are scattered locations. Thus, these are the reasons to establish Mini Siam for modelling and collecting all of them situated in one to be a Thai Culture Knowledge Source for the posterities to research and make them proud to preserve.
Hence, the projector of Mini Siam ‘s purposes are as below :

           •  To collect Thai arts such as, ancient place models, antiqueness models of each period with 1 : 25 scale of form which is as like as realism

           •  To save times and money to travel to

           •  To be a Thai Culture Source for research and visual education

           •  To be well know in the oversea

           •  To be the centre for Thai young generation to recollect